My coaching story

About me

Elham’s journey into yoga, meditation, and spirituality began in the year 2000 under the guidance of her guru, Maya Machawe, the founder of Cyclic Yoga International. As a yoga teacher, Elham’s path to teaching children started with her own daughter, as a means to guide and bond with her. Her passion for this approach expanded to teaching other kids, reflecting her unwavering commitment to sharing the physical and mental benefits of yoga with young minds right from the start. Over the years, she has nurtured numerous children, helping them explore mindfulness, flexibility, and inner peace through Cyclic Yoga.

In addition to her role as a yoga teacher, Elham is a master’s degree psychologist , specializing in clinical psychology. Her profound understanding of the human mind and emotions equips her to provide comprehensive support to her students and clients, addressing not only their physical wellness but also their mental and emotional well-being. This unique fusion of yoga and psychology creates a nurturing environment for those she works with. Elham designed the Yogilli doll to incorporate into her yoga classes to teach children about emotions and their management. She consistently uses the Yogilli doll when teaching yoga fundamentals, breathing exercises, and emotional awareness to young children, helping them overcome life’s challenges .